Image Requirements
The originals should be large and clear enough for good results. Care should be taken in selecting images. Remember the goal of image is to attract consumers to purchase your product. Before submitting, you should evaluate each image on this basis.

Image preparation and submission:
There are 2 specific categories of the images used in our Database:
  • Multicolor Images: Photo pictures, color or grayscale sketches, color(with more than 16 colors) or grayscale maps.
  • Lineart Images: Lineart sketches, plans/drafts, lineart or 16 color maps.
    The file formats and sizes are different for these 2 categories. Images can be submitted to us in the shape of originals (pictures, pmt's, printed materials) for scanning (8 1/2 x 14 max.) or in digital format.

    Digital Image Requirements.
  • Floor Plan(S) and Front Elevation/Rendering should be prepared as .GIF, .JPG or .TIF file format with a minimum width of 1000 pixels and most importantly the image must be large enough in scale that all text is legible.

    Image Submission:
    There are 4 ways to send prepared images to Collective Designs:
    1. Images can be sent as an attachment to an e-mail message using an e-mail package (Microsoft Internet Explorer e-mail window, for instance), one image per message.

      E-mail message must contain the following information:

      • Image caption;
        • Plan name and architect/designer name;
      The subject for such message should contain words "submit plan image".

      The message should be sent to e-mail address

    2. If you already have an image which satisfies our image requirements on the web and would like to use it, you can submit the image URL by e-mail.
    3. You can also mail us the prepared images in digital format on IBM-formatted 100MB zip disk or CD-ROM. Disks should be properly packaged.
    4. If you cannot scan/prepare images yourself you can mail original images (pictures, pmt's or printing materials) to us.

      Collective Designs
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