Home Plan Listing Agreement

Collective Designs is a residential design firm featuring links to products and services to the construction industry. Architect/Designer requests Collective Designs to list home plans for viewing and sale to Collective Designs users.

Terms of Listing:
Collective Designs and Architect/Designer agree that the presentation and maintenance of home plans displayed upon Collective Designs' web site are conditioned upon the following terms:

Submittal Requirements:
In order to assure quality of content and optimum user search capability, home plans submissions must comply with such formative detail requirements as to layout and material specifications as Collective Designs shall require.

Term of Listing:
The term of this agreement is for Two years. Thereafter Both parties may cancel upon thirty days prior written notice.

Storage Fees (Option #1):
Fees are based on the current fees posted on Collective Designs' web site. All setup and storage fees (12 months) must be paid in advance before we post your plans. Architect/Designer must submit a minimum of (10) Home Plans to start). Collective Designs collects from the customer full payment including shipping & handling cost. Collective Designs sends order information and payment (less credit card and/or processing fees incurred by Collective Designs as a result of the sale) to the designer. Architect/Designer ships plans to customer.

Sales Price (Option #2):
Sales price of home plans shall be determined by each Architect/Designer and shall be posted on Collective Designs' web site. Collective Designs shall pay to Architect/Designer 55 percent of the Net Sale Price plus shipping & handling charges received from the purchaser. The Net Sale Price shall be the sales price paid by the purchaser reduced by direct fees incurred by Collective Designs as a result of the purchaser's use of a credit card for payment. Payment shall be made to Architect/Designer within thirty (30) days of receipt of payment from the purchaser.

Ownership of Plans:
As to any home plans at any time submitted for entry, Architect/Designer represents and warrants to Collective Designs and its users that Architect/Designer is the sole owner of all property rights in and to the subject home plans, has the proper authority to submit same for entry and subsequent sale to Collective Designs users, that submission/sale will not violate any agreement to which Architect/Designer is a party, any that there are no pending or threatened actions or proceedings concerning properly rights in and to the subject home plans, in whole or in part.

Plan Integrity:
Architect/Designer represents to Collective Designs and its users that each home plan submitted for entry and sale to users, were at the time of creation prepared in compliance with state and local building code requirements as applicable in Architect's/Designer's state of practice.

Architect/Designer acknowledges that notwithstanding any copyright infringement warning or other such notation included, or intended by Architect/Designer to be included, as part of any home plans submission, the maintenance of such data by Collective Designs and it's users constitute a known, appreciable liklihood of there occurring acts of infringement upon Architect's/Designer's property rights. Architect/Designer further acknowledges that Collective Designs users shall be permitted access to such portions of the home plans to be displayed for online observation and copy reproduction by the Collective Designs user and that no claim may be asserted by Architect/Designer against Collective Designs arising from such display or reproduction.

Architect/Designer shall indemnify and hold harmless Collective Designs and its agents, servants, employees, officers, successors in interest and assigns from and against any claims, liabilities and damages, including costs and attorney fees, incurred by Collective Designs which arise out of any home plans of Architect/Designer placed upon Collective Designs' web site, including any claims as a result of infringement claims asserted by or against Architect/Designer.

Governing Law:
Architect/Designer agree that if litigation is necessary it will take place in Tarrant County, Texas, USA. This agreement is under the laws of the State of Texas and no other law will apply.

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